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Looking at The Moon, Missing My Hometown; Take a Photo of "The Earth And The Moon" | HIT’s Satellite around The Moon Wish You a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
Publisher:赵宇明  Time2018-10-09 View:10

Harbin Institute of Technology 4 days ago

Everyone looks up at tonight's moon. For HITters, this year's moon of Mid-Autumn Festival has an extraordinary meaning. “I miss someone when someone is missing me.” When we looked up at the bright moon, the micro-satellite Longjiang No. 2 independently developed by Harbin Institute of Technology was flying around the moon, looking at the lights of the hometown of the earth as well as the motherland and the HITters from far away.

At 22:00 on May 25, 2018, Longjiang No. 2 successfully entered the orbit around the moon, becoming the first micro-satellite in the world to independently complete the transfer of land, near-month braking, and monthly flight. Harbin Institute of Technology has thus become the first university in the world to send micro-small detectors to the lunar orbit.

Photo of the earth and moon taken by the Saudi camera equipped with the Longjiang 2 microsatellite

Photo of the lunar surface area captured by the student team's miniature CMOS camera

Flying to the moon (photo by Deng Dekuan)