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“2014 Gathering in Harbin----ASTRU Youth Ice and Snow Big Get-Together” held at HIT
Publisher:赵宇明  Time2015-12-21 View:10

Students from 12 universities, from both Russia and China, participated in  activities such as the ice-breaking, the memorial visit to the Soviet Red Army  monument, the world hand-in-hand celebration, the “Evening of Russia” cultural  show, the ASTRU Sino-Russian Youth Concert, a Russian style in Harbin  lecture, and a Harbin City Culture tour, to name a few. This series of  activities not only promoted friendship between Chinese and Russian youth, but  also showed great spirit of unity and cooperation, particularly in light of the  Sino-Russian exchange of youth year.On the evening of the 21st the World hand-in-hand, Evening of  Russia cultural show was held in the HIT auditorium. Assistant President of  HIT, XU Xiaofei, Victor Konov, Counselor of the Russian Embassy in China and  Director of the Beijing RussianCultural Center, and Kalinyuk, the representative  of the Russian Federation Consulate General in Shenyang attended the ceremony  and gave speeches. XU pointed out in his speech that HIT has been striving to  boost international thinking since its very beginning. In 2014, more than 2,200  international students from 115 countries are students at HIT, and he really  hopes that on the stage of the “world hand-in-hand” of HIT, we could see more  and more international students. Konov said in his speech that with the  background of the Sino-Russian friendly exchange year of youth, educational  exchange programs have been the most important aspectof the cooperation between  Russia and China. According to the strategic plan of Russia and China, the  amount of international exchange students will reach to  100,000 by 2020. The ASTRU Youth Ice and Snow Big Get-Together has definitely  become a great motivation to achieve this goal.Nearly 3,000 people from all over the world, including teachers and  students of HIT,representatives from E9 (Excellent 9) universities, and teachers  and students from universities of other provinces joined in the activities.