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The 3rd "Intelligent Robotics" International Summer School of 2018 is held in Harbin Institute of Technology
Publisher:赵宇明  Time2018-07-17 View:25

In the morning of July 9th, 2018, the 3rd Intelligent Robotics International Summer School of 2018 is held in room 214 of the activity center of Harbin Institute of Technology.

This summer international school is hosted by the Undergraduate college and undertaken by Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Researchers from many internationally renowned universities such as the United States and the United Kingdom, academician of China Engineering Academy, Thousand Talents Scholars, and Changjiang Scholars are invited and provided lectures about robotics and intelligent manufacturing. About 130 students from Thailand, Russia and China are attracted by the activity.

The Vice-Chancellor of HIT Ding Xuemei, Dean of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Liu Hong, Professor Bharat Bhushan from Ohio State University, Professor Steve Werely from Purdue University, et al. attended the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony is hosted by Yan Jihong, the Vice-Dean of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Professor Ding Xuemei gave a welcome speech to the representatives from all the countries, and wished that the spirit of Harbin Institute of Technology can be promoted and the representatives can achieve fruitful results. She also hoped that this summer school will be a brand for HIT and the learning and communication platform of robotics area.

As the representative of the teachers, Professor Bharat Bhushan expressed gratitude to the school and the organizers of the event. He also hoped that this activity could promote the communication between universities.

Liang Huaiyuan from Beihang University, gave a speech as a representative of the students. He wished that he could deeply understand the academic atmosphere of Harbin Institute of Technology, learn advanced robotics technology, and broaden his horizons and make more friends through this activity.

Finally, Professor Yan Jihong make a brief summary that this activity is a good opportunity for international communication and a challenge for experiencing the Robotics Development and Industrialization 4.0.

After the opening ceremony, Prof. Liu Hong gave a lecture entitled “Space Orbiting Service Robots” to the teachers and students. The students were presented with a new field by vivid language and rich materials. The students opened a pleasant journey of learning and exploration in the wonderful academic lectures of President Liu.

This summer will last for three weeks, and will combine the curriculum and competition to expand the students' horizons, cultivate innovative talents with a global vision, and promote academic cooperation between young teachers and international senior scholars. In addition, HIT will also arrange cultural visits, quality development and other activities to present a wonderful and rich international summer school for the students.