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“wishlist” The meeting of Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges was successfully held
Publisher:赵宇明  Time2017-12-21 View:13

On the evening of Dec.17th, the activity of Wishlist which was hosted by the international department was undertook at Room 416 in activity center .It built a platform for the exchange of ideas and cultural exchanges for the different students coming from the different countries .The participants summed up their joy and reward during this month.

Some of them come from Pakistan, some from the United States, some from Israel, some from Indonesia, some from Thailand, others from South Korea .Although they have the different languages ,they communicate in the game, understand each other in the exchange, enhance mutual friendship in mutual understanding.

The holding of this event not only provided a platform for the exchange of Chinese and foreign students, but also enhanced the exchange of Chinese culture and other national cultures.

With the propaganda and accompanying Chinese classmates, the students who just came to China, Harbin learned more about the traditional Chinese customs and culture, which greatly helped them integrate into the study life of Harbin Institute of Technology.

Welcome you !